Visiting Hours & Parking


Visitor Information 

Visiting Hours and Guidelines

St. Francis Memorial Hospital welcomes visitors.Our visiting hours and guidelines are designed to balance the patient’s needs for visitors and the health care team’s responsibilities to provide timely treatments and procedure. We thank you for your cooperation.

Parking Information

A gated parking system is in place at SFMH and the St. Francis Health Centre.  The gates DO NOT accept cash, but rather tokens which can be purchased at the front entrance of the Hospital and Health Centre.

Rates:  $2 per token/visit.  If you exceed three daily visits, please speak with the admitting office.  Parking passes for families of admitted patients are available at the Admitting office. 

There is a dedicated drop off zone for patient drop off and pick up.

Please respect the handicapped signage and the "No Parking" signs on adjacent streets.  For the safety of our staff, patients and visitors, we are committed to keeping all emergency service routes and intersections clear of parked vehicles.

Parking Proceeds - SFMH maintains and operates the gated parking system.  Proceeds stay with SFMH and are used to offset costs of maintinaing the parking lots year round.  This allows for more funds to be available for patient programs and services at SFMH

Before you visit:

  • If you have a cough, fever, runny nose, diarrhea or another contagious disease – please do not visit.
  • Wash your hands regularly – it is the best way to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Requests to visit outside of the normal visiting hours may be granted, on an individual basis, for compassionate reasons. Please check with the nurse.

Emergency Departments - Only one family member or personal caregiver may accompany a patient in the treatment area. Other visitors are not permitted in the treatment areas.

Extra Information...

Balloons (Mylar only)

A latex allergy is an adverse reaction to products made from latex or natural rubber. We make every effort to provide a latex safe environment for patients, visitors, employees and volunteers. Only mylar balloons are allowed within the hospital.

Scent / Fragance Free

St. Francis Memorial Hospital (SFMH) is committed to ensuring a healthy, safe and accessible environment and to promote an environment that provides optimum air quality.  SFMH also recognizes that the promotion of a scent safe environment can greatly reduce the potential adverse allergic and/or medical reactions that can occur among our patients, staff, physicians, students, visitors and volunteers.  To this end, SFMH will strive to ensure fragrances from chemical substances, physical agents and biological substances are eliminated, whenever possible, or minimized within our facilities.

Employees, students/residents, volunteers, physicians, contractors, external service providers, patients, visitors are advised to not wear products containing scents, such as perfume or cologne while visiting, attending clinic/out-patient services, within the Hospital.  SFMH also reserves the right to prohibit the delivery of fragrant flowers, such as freesia, lilac, lilies of all types, hyacinth, peonies, lavender and stargazers etc.

SFMH Visitors Policy

St. Francis Memorial Hospital visitor policies attempt to balance the requirement fo visitation with the patient's health care needs for the rest, and recovery from illness.

Visitors to inpatients must report to the nurses’ station.

All visitors must self-screen according to the signage at the approved entrances.


Emergency patients, critically ill patients, medically unstable patients, children, and palliative care patients in imminent danger of dying. These patients may have visiting hours as deemed appropriate, at the discretion of the charge nurse.

Inpatients may have up to four (4) visitors during the specified visiting hours, with a maximum of (3) visitors at one time. Nursing staff may further restrict the number of visitors at one time, if the total number of visitors for all patients sharing the same room cannot be safely and comfortably accommodated in the patient room.

Visitors who do not observe the above policies will be asked to leave.