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Directive for Hospital Visitors April 1, 2021

April 1, 2021

Renfrew County will be moving into the Orange Zone imminently and Ottawa is going into Grey, one step short of a lockdown. As a result, we must increase restrictions to prevent further spread so we can protect our hospitals, hospital staff, and patients. 

Therefore, hospitals in Renfrew County and District are directed to implement the following measures:

  1. Visits be limited to one designated visitor per patient. The listing of a designated general visitor can be changed only at the discretion of the hospital.
  2. For patients nearing end of life, two designated visitors per patient will be permitted. Exceptions are only at the discretion of the hospital after considering the ability to physically distance and manage additional volume.
  3. It is strongly recommended that families appoint a designated visitor from Renfrew County and District because Ottawa and the other neighbouring regions are in a more precarious situation than our region.