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Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene Intro

Patient safety remains the most important priority for St. Francis Memorial Hospital and the dedicated health professionals who work in this hospital are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients.  This involves ensuring that patients are not at risk for contracting healthcare-associated infections.  We have a number of practices in place to help prevent and control infections, including a comprehensive hand hygiene program.

Hand Hygiene Info Sheets

Although we may think that germs spread through the air, they are actually more often spread by contact between peoples’ hands.  Even if your hands don’t appear to be dirty, there are germs on them. These germs can make you sick when they move from your hands into your body through your mouth, nose, eyes and open wounds.

Hand Hygiene FAQ

Hand hygiene refers to the removal of microorganisms (‘germs’) from hands through handwashing with soap and water or the use of an alcohol-based hand rub (see Hand Hygiene Information Sheet for more information)

Hand Hygiene Statistics

The goal of public reporting of hand hygiene compliance is to achieve an overall assessment of whether compliance rates are improving. It is normal for rates to vary from hospital to hospital.