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As healthcare providers, physicians and SFMH are committed to promoting good health practices and ensuring a safe, healthy and clean environment for everyone.

Effective May 31, 2012, SFMH became a smoke free property; including buildings, grounds, parking lots and the St. Francis Health Centre.

Patients, visitors, volunteers and staff are asked to refrain from smoking while on the premises.  Assistance and support is available to help those with nicotine addiction.

Smoking increases your chances of having medical complications such as higher wound and respiratory infection rates, risk of cancer and cancer related complications, increases your length of hospital stay and increases your chances of frequent re-admissions.  Smoking is the most avoidable cause of illness and premature death and there is strong evidence that breathing second-hand smoke is harmful to health.

St. Francis Memorial Hospital recognizes that by going smoke-free we help support the health and wellness of all as well as offering support to those with smoking addiction.

We ask that everyone using our premises please respect our smoke-free environment as well as having respect for our adjacent property owners.

We thank you for not smoking while at St. Francis Memorial Hospital!