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Welcome To MyChart


Terms of Reference:         MyChart Brochure:  

Watch this quick video on information about MyChart:           https://youtu.be/xWkFjZAfnI4 


General Information:

What is MyChart?

MyChart is a secure, online patient portal that gives you access to your health information anytime and at no cost.  It allows medical and personal health information and helps you monitor your health status to make more informed decisions regarding your health.

Is there a Fee for MyChart?

Mychart is free for patients.

What information is in MyChart?

As of June 1, 2019, you can access information and results for anything you had done at these health-care partner facilities. Information goes back as far as January 2016.

-St. Francis Memorial Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital

-Hawkesbury and District General Hospital

-Renfrew Victoria Hospital

-The Ottawa Hospital Academic Family Health Team

-The University of Ottawa Heart Institute

What are the benefits of using MyChart?

With MyChart, you can see your:

-after-visit summaries

-upcoming appointments

-test results

-progress reports

-discharge notes

-medical imaging report and more!

You can add your medications, allergies and health measurements, such as blood pressure and weight.

Signing Up:

How do I sign up?

-Use the MyChart activation code on your After Visit Summary by using this link and following the instructions  https://epicapps.toh.ca/mychart    or

-Contact the Hospital 1-613-756-3044 Ext 242 or 277 for assistance or

-Complete this Activation Form and Fax to 1-613-756-0106 or Email to mychart@sfmhosp.com

             Click for the Activation Form 

I just received my activation code.  Now What?

  1. Use this link to activate the MyChart login page https://epicapps.toh.ca/mychart

  1. From the MyChart login page, click “sign Up Now” in the New User section

3. Enter your activation code and other personal verification items, such as your health card number and  your date of birth.  Click Next.

4. On the next page, choose the following:

- MyChart username:    This should be something that others wouldn’t be likely to guess but easy for you to remember.  It cannot be changed at any time.

-Password:   This should be a unique combination of numbers and letters, using both uppercase and lowercase letters.   Your password must be [at least eight characters long] and must be different from your MyChart username.  Choose a password that you don’t use for other websites.

-Security question.  This question will be used to verify your identity if you forget your MyChart password.  Choose a security question from the list and enter your answer.  Your answer cannot include you MyChart password.

5. On the next page, choose whether you want to receive a notification message in your personal email when there is new information available in you MyChart account.  If you opt to receive email alerts, enter your email address. 

How do I login?

1.     In your web browser use this link to access EPIC MyChart:  https://epicapps.toh.ca/mychart/

2.    Enter your MyChart username and password and click “Sign in”

  1. Save your MyChart page to your Favorites so you will have easy access in the future.

Why do I need an email address to use MyChart?

You will need an email account to receive email alerts when new information is sent to your MyChart account.

What do I need to view MyChart?

You will need access to a computer or mobile device connected to the internet with an up-to-date browser.  You can access MyChart from Apple or Android devices is you have installed the MyChart app.

How do I download the MyChart App?

You can download the MyChart app for your Apple or Android device to manage your health information on the go!  To install the Mychart app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Mychart.”

The mobile apps contain many of the same features as the Mychart website.


I forgot my MyChart ID/Password.  What should I do?

On the MyChart Login page click the "Forgot my Password" or "Forgot my Username".  You will have to enter your username, date of birth and health card number or medical record number.   The next screen will explain the process to regain access.  You will be sent a code by email that you will have to enter.  Once this is done, you will be logged in.  If you are still having trouble logging in, you can contact the support team at the hospital where you typically receive care. 


Family Health Team (FHT):

o By phone: 613-737-8800

o By email: mychart@toh.ca

• Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH):

o By phone: 613-632-1111 ext. 41801

o By email: mychart@hgh.ca

• Renfrew Victoria Hospital (RVH):

o By phone: 613-432-4851

o By email: mychart@renfrewhosp.com

St. Francis Memorial Hospital (SFMH):

o By phone: 613-756-3044, ext 242

o By email: mychart@sfmhosp.com

• The Ottawa Hospital (TOH):

o By phone: 613-737-8800, option 5

o By email: mychart@toh.ca

• University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI):

o For technical assistance: 613-696-7020

o By email: myottawaheart@ottawaheart.ca

My activation code does not work.  What should I do?

For your security, your activation code expires after 14 days.  Also, it is no longer valid after the first time you use it.

Contact the support team at the hospital where you typically receive care (see list above).  For St. Francis Memorial Hospital Phone:  1-613-756-3044 Ext 242 or 277 or Email mychart@sfmhosp.com

I am not getting email alerts about new information in MyChart.  Why?

You only receive email alerts when new information (lie lab results, messages and appointment reminders) appearing Mychart.  If you are not getting alerts:

-Check your Junk Mail folder for email alerts.  If you see messages there, change the settings on your email filter to allow these messages.

-Check your notification preferences in MyChart.  Click on “Settings” and select “Notifications” to make sure your correct email address is entered and that you are signed up for the alerts you want to receive.

-If you have checked these setting and you still are not receiving email alerts, please contact mychart@sfmhosp.com

I see a “Login Unsuccessful” error and I think I might be locked out.  What should I do?

If you tried five times and could not access MyChart, your account will be locked for security reasons.  To reactivate your account, please contact mychart@sfmhosp.com

                                         For any further questions please contact the Chief Privacy Officer at:                                       1-613-756-3044 Ext 242 or by Email at mychart@sfmhosp.com