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CDAD Intro

Public reporting of our infection rates is important because it will allow us to work with a standardized approach across the province. Our commitment to our patients is one of safety and continuous improvement. If our rates rise above our baseline, then we will: look internally at our hospital’s processes, consult externally with experts; identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to reduce C. difficile in our organization.


St. Francis Memorial Hospital posts its infection rates online on a monthly basis. On this website, you can find information about hospital-acquired infection rates for C. difficile.

CDAD Outbreaks

There are no outbreaks of C. difficile at St. Francis Memorial Hospital.

CDAD Statistics

On the last day of each month, SFMH, along with all of Ontario’s hospitals, will be required to publicly report on their own websites: The number of new hospital-acquired C. difficile cases associated with the...