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HSMR Statistics

  • CIHI has made HSMR results public only for “eligible” hospitals – those that meet a statistical threshold for public reporting of at least 2,500 HSMR cases in each of the four years being reported.
  • CIHI has not released results for hospitals, like ours, with less than 2,500 HSMR cases because they have deemed the results less stable and, therefore, less reliable.
  • Due to the less stable, and therefore less reliable, results our hospital, based by CIHI’s statistical threshold for public reporting will not be releasing our HSMR results. To do so would risk inaccurately representing our hospital – positively or negatively – this year and in the years ahead.  
  • I would encourage you to e-mail hsmr@cihi or contact Eugene Wen, Manager Indicator Development at CIHI at (416) 544-5570 should you have any questions about why HSMR results for hospitals with less than 2,500 cases are less stable and reliable.
  • CIHI would be happy to answer any questions about statistical threshold and public reporting for HSMR.
  • We encourage the public to refer to the LHIN-level result, which can give you an indication of performance on this particular indicator in this region.
  • That said, we recognize there is always more to do to make the care we provide better, timelier and safer.