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VRE Statistics

VRE Statistics

Q. What exactly will SFMH begin reporting on December 30th, 2008?
A. At the end of each quarter, beginning December 30th, 2007 SFMH along with all Ontario hospitals will be required to publicly report on their own websites:

  • The number of new hospital-acquired VRE bacteremia cases associated with SFMH.
  • The rates of new hospital-acquired VRE bacteremia cases associated with SFMH.   The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care will report the same information on its own website.

VRE Bacteremia Calculation:
The VRE bacteremia infection rate is calculated as a rate per 1,000 patient days.

The “total patient days” represents the sum of the number of days during which services were provided to all inpatients during the given time period.

The rate is calculated as follows on a quarterly basis:

Number of new hospital acquired cases of VRE bacteremia in SFMH X 1000
Total number of patient days for that reporting period

For smaller facilities such as SFMH:
VRE bacteremia rates may vary from month to month:  the smaller the facility, the greater the rates will vary – this is because a change of even one case in a small facility will cause the rate to go up or down considerably.