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You may need an Xray  as a result of illness or injury, or when a doctor suspects a medical problem that cannot easily be detected with a routine physical examination.

Care Providers - Medical Radiation Technologists (MRT) 

Medical Radiation Technologists are Allied Health Professionals trained in patient care and imaging techniques that use ionizing radiation to obtain images.  At SFMH we use digital radiography machines to take x-rays of the body. These images are then sent to radiologists for interpretation and diagnosis.

What You Should Know

If you are a female between the ages of 10-55 we will ask you if there a chance that you are pregnant? 

It is a requirement for all xray exams of female patients between the age of 10 and 55 to establish if they may be pregnant-  this is a legal requirement that technologist must ask before taking any xray exams.   

If there is a chance that you are pregnant- please discuss this with your doctor before arriving for your appointment, or contact our department.

How Do I Prepare for a X-Ray examination?

Plain X-rays of the chest, abdomen, arms, legs and spine require no preparation and generally take only a few minutes to complete.  You may need to get changed for the examination, wearing easy to remove clothing makes this process easier.  Please do not bring any valubles with you during your hospital visit. 

Make sure you have your healthcare with you - requisitions should be sent to the department prior to imaging- However, if your care provider has given you a paper copy of the requisition please bring this with you.

Stop at the main lobby to register with the front office- your will be asked to verify your personal information and be provided with a hospital ID band.

You will be asked to have a seat in the main waiting room- the technologist will get you as soon as they are available.

Please know we make every attempt to complete your exam in a timely manner-  there may be occasions when wait times are increased due to volume of patients that need to be xrayed.

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