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Medical Laboratories

Hours of Operation:
• Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon)

Emergency on-call
Closed weekends and statutory holidays

We use a time system to treat all of our patients fairly and efficiently. Upon arrival, all patients are required to register at the main office and then proceed to the lab. Patients are to leave their orders in the box outside the laboratory collection area and then proceed to the waiting room. Patients will be processed according to the time that they arrive unless there is emergency work either on the medical unit or in the emergency department.

Laboratory Department
St. Francis Memorial Hospital Laboratory provides a number of services for our clients.
Patients must have a signed requisition from a registered physician for any laboratory tests. Results will be sent directly to the ordering physicians’ offices, either by mail or direct fax. Results cannot be given directly to you or to another physician, unless we receive written instructions to do so.

Most of the laboratory tests are performed on-site, (usually the same day), and we have made arrangements with referral laboratories for tests not on our license. Specific containers are available through the laboratory for specialized tests.

Special Requirements:
We only accept pink hospital requisitions. All other blood work ordered from the physicians (white OHIP requisitions) is to be collected at the private lab in the medical offices building attached to the hospital.

We perform all ECG testing in the area.

Holter (24 and 48 hour) and Blood Pressure Monitor testing must be booked through the Laboratory.

How to Contact Us:
Phone: (613) 756-3045 Ext. 243
Fax: (613) 756-0127