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Emergency Department

The Emergency Department is committed to providing you with prompt, high quality care.  We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a  year.  Every effort is made to see patients as quickly as possible.  Patients are not necessarily seen in order of arrival; it depends on how urgent or severe each case is.  Urgent cases must always be given priority, so please be patient as you wait. If your symptoms change while waiting to see a doctor, please let the nurse know immediately.  

Based on your symptoms, you may be asked to wear a mask.

Information on Ontario Emergency Wait Times

Who will meet you in the Emergency Department?

Emergency physicians, nurses, clerks, and other members of our team.  You will be able to access other members of our team including ministerial,  community care access services, Geriatric Education Management Nurse (GEM), Diabetic Educator and Assault Response Team RN.

Important Patient Information

  • “Your safety is our priority”.
  • Please give us a list of your medications.
  • Tell us about your allergies.
  • Do not eat or drink anything until you see the nurse.
  • Tell us about your symptoms.
  • Tell us about your tetanus status.
  • If you need to go to the washroom, please check with a nurse to find out if we need a urine sample.
  • To protect our staff and other patients, the emergency department has zero tolerance for any abusive behaviour or language.
  • If possible, please give your valuables to a family member or a friend.  The hospital is not responsible  for any valuables or belongings you choose to keep with you.

We provide:

  • 24-hour physician on-call coverage is provided for life-threatening emergencies
  • 24-hr nursing care is provided
  • Assessment by a Registered Nurse within 10 minutes of registration

Usual wait times vary according to triage and activity within the Emergency Department. Average wait time up to 3 hours.

Please be patient, you will be cared for as quickly as possible

  • Non-life-threatening emergencies are treated subject to physician availability as a physician is not in the Emergency Room at all times. You are encouraged to visit your own Family Doctor.
  • Local physicians are also responsible for patient care elsewhere in the Hospital, at the Valley Manor, and in their offices.
  • Whenever possible, non-emergency patients should see their Family Doctor during regular office hours. Physician Office Information
  • To help us provide you with better care, please bring your current medications with you.

Who Should I Call?

  • If you have the flu, an earache, nausea, or a general illness your Family Doctor is the best person to give advice as he/she knows your medical history.
  • If your Family Doctor is not available or if you feel you need medical advice, Please call Telehealth Ontario Service at 1-800-797-0000. Trained RN's are available 24hrs/day, 7 days a week. If you feel your illness requires immediate attention, come directly to emergency.
  • For Emergencies Requiring an Ambulance CALL 911 or in the township of South Algonquin call 613-756-3090.

We understand the need for patients to be with a family member during their stay with us, and will make every effort to accommodate this.  Sometimes we ask family to wait in the waiting room, especially when the staff is giving a report to the patient.  This allows us to protect each patient’s privacy.

You may also be asked to return to the waiting room during very busy times in the department or when we are expecting a seriously ill patient.

Before You Go Home

  • Please make sure you understand all your instructions before you leave the hospital
  • Please check with your nurse or doctor to see if you need any specific instructions, telephone numbers for a follow-up appointment or a visit to your own family doctor
  • Please make sure you have all your belongings, your health card and your blue hospital card.
  • Please ask your nurse to provide you with a After Visit Summary to reference after you leave the ER Department.
  • If you need a certificate for work, please ask the doctor before you leave.  Note that there may be a charge for forms/certificates issued by physicians

And remember, healthcare advice is only a phone call away with:

Telehealth Ontario
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
It doesn't hurt to call!