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Holter Monitor

Please bring your health card to your appointment.

What is a Holter Monitor?
This test requires that you wear a heart monitor for 24 hours.

The test consists of placing adhesive discs (electrodes) to your chest in five (5) places. In preparation for the placing of the electrodes, it will be necessary for the technician to shave any chest hair off in the area of the electrode placement. The electrodes will then be attached by wires (leads) to a tape recorder. The tape recorder will be strapped to a waist belt or may be carried by a shoulder strap. You will go home and wear the monitor for 24 hours.

You will be required to keep a log or diary of the activities and to push an event button on the recorder if you experience any symptoms. This will be explained by the technician.

You will be asked to return the next day to have the Holter Monitor disconnected and the adhesive electrodes removed.

Please take your usual medication on the day of the test, unless your physician says otherwise.

Wearing Apparel
Please shower or bathe before you come as you will not be able to bathe for 24 hours.

We ask that you wear a loose fitting top.

Do not wear any creams, powders, bath oils, perfumes or colognes on the day of the test.

The test results will be sent to your physician. To obtain the results, contact your physician.