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Cardiopulmonary Rehab

The model for the Tele-cardiopulmonary rehab with St. Francis Memorial Hospital and Lanark Renfrew Lung Health Program, serving Barry's Bay and area.

  1. Cardiac referrals can come from both UOHI as well as external sources. All cardiac referrals will be enrolled in Secondary Prevention Services. External referrals will be triaged by SFMH to ensure they meet the following criteria (may require a phone call) before acceptance into the Telerehab program.
  2. Pulmonary referrals can be generated from any Physician/Nurse Practitioner. All referrals will be triaged by RRT to ensure they meet the criteria. The Lanark Renfrew Lung Health Program will provide central intake for the pulmonary program.

Exercise modalities include:

  • Recumbent bicycle
  • Schwinn Bike
  • Treadmill
  • Recumbent Stepper
  • Elliptical Machine 

Staff Compliment:

Medical Lead: A Physician responsible for approving policies, (i.e. ideally internal medicine, cardiology or respirology, but may also be family practice). Urgent medical concerns to be taken to Emerg, non-urgent ones to the individual patient's family physician. 

Registered Nurse: Screening patients and referrals, assessments, education in both cardiac/pulmonary programs, liaise with GP, specialist, medical lead as required for patient management.

Physiotherapist: Assessment, exercise prescription (both home and in-person rehab), exercise program modifications (musculoskeletal and/or neuromuscular).

Registered Respiratory Therapist/Certified Respiratory Educator: Screening patients and referrals, assessments, education in both cardiac/pulmonary program. case management.

Process for Referrals: 

  1. Cardiac referrals will be faxed to SFMH. Pulmonary referrals will be faxed to Central Intake Lung Health.
  2. RN will call patients to book initial assessments for all cardiac referrals.WBCHC will call patients to book initial assessments for all pulmonary patients. 
  3. Initial assessments including 6 minute walk will be completed prior to the first class.
  4. Blood work per protocol.
  5. Exercise classes will be supervised by a combination of RN, Physiotherapist, and Registered Respiratory Therapist. The RN will be available for all classes; PT available for 50% of classes, RRT available for the other 50% of classes, schedule to be determined. Individual O2 sat parameters per RRT for when RRT not present during exercise.
  6. Risk factor profiles will be completed and reviewed with patients during intake with RN (cardiac) and RRT (pulmonary).
  7. PT will collaborate with RRT to provide individualized exercise prescription for the clients.

Risk Factor Management Strategies:

  1. All patients will be provided with a risk factor profile summary and self-management counseling at or after initial appointment (RN for cardiac patients and RRT for pulmonary) and at each follow-up visit by RN (cardiac).
  2. Patients will be connected with appropriate risk factor management services offered at SFMH (and community resources) as needed including: referral to dietician, diabetes program, stresses management programming, smoking cessation programming, self-management workshops. Patients will be offered UOHI Nutrition workshop OTN schedule. SFMH will book space for patients to access these workshops.
  3. RN/RRT screens for nicotine, inactivity, B/P, BMI, and girth, depression, cholesterol, glucose and 6 minute walk at intake. Family physicians receive the same reports. 

For more information call 613-756-3044 ext. 366