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Active Care Unit

Individuals admitted to our 10 bed active Care Unit receive 24 hour nursing professional care and treatment for medical problems. It has private, semi-private and ward rooms available. A coordinated multidisciplinary care team, which includes the patient and family, develops and implements an individual plan of care.

The Active Care Unit is comprised of a skilled team of physicians, nurses, a unit clerk, physiotherapists and assistants, pharmacists and assistants, a discharge planner, Community Care Access Center (CCAC) liaison and dieticians. 

Diagnostic tests are performed on site and arrangements are made for additional tests to be done at other hospitals. We encourage family to accompany their loved ones to tests outside of hospital.

Our on-site Pharmacy (for patient use only) is Accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

The physician, discharge planner, pharmacist, nursing staff and physiotherapist, develop a goal-oriented plan of care with the objective to have you return home as soon as possible. Close linkages between St. Francis Memorial Hospital and other community services further facilitate this process.

A Recreation Program provides activities for residents which includes: BBQ's, gardening, crafts, baking and entertainment from the community etc. There are also weekly church services available for all patients.

Palliative Care is provided for individuals and their families who chose to make their final journey in the hospital setting. Every effort is made to make this time a more comfortable and supportive one as possible.

The families and the Hospital Care Team have been recognized in the past by the Eye Bank of Canada for our participation in the eye donation program.

We are committed to ensuring that you receive the support needed for your recovery and we are dedicated to your safety while you are a patient under our care.

For further information contact:
Mary-Ellen Harris - C.N.E. & Director Of Patient Care Services