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Discharge Planning

What is Discharge Planning?

Discharge Planning is a hospital service which provides information and assists patients, family, physicians, and other staff to make arrangements for care after discharge from hospital or care in the emergency department.

Who Needs Discharge Planning?

  • Patients or family who wish information about community services
  • Those who will need nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dressings, equipment, oxygen or other treatments when they leave the hospital
  • The frail, elderly person
  • Persons whose home facilities may present a challenge following hospitalization
  • Individuals with a disability that interferes with daily living activities
  • Patients or family considering a move to a boarding home, retirement home or long term care facility
  • Persons with a terminal illness wishing to be cared for at home

The Discharge Planning Team/Charge Nurse can provide information and assist in referral to Community Services such as:

  • LHIN Home and Community Care Services
  • Placement Coordination Service
  • Home Care Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Meals-on-Wheels Program
  • Seniors' Home Support Program
  • Transportation
  • Cancer Society
  • Home Health Equipment (for example: walker, wheelchair,commode)
  • Complex Continuing Care
  • Respite Care or Convalescent Care
  • Personal Response Systems (example: pendant alarm)

These are only a few examples. Not every person needs discharge planning services every time they come to hospital.

How do you get in touch with the Discharge Planning Team?

  • Ask your doctor
  • Ask the Charge Nurse in the unit who looked after you

There is no cost for discharge planning assistance. Ensure that the discharge planning team provides you with a After Visit Summary (AVS) as a resource.